Ragtime Promos for Fiddlehead Theatre

I had heard of Ragtime through the usual sources and, I think, we may have read it in high school, many years ago. But I had never seen a performance. And, I probably couldn’t have told you any significant plot points.

But, that was then and this is now.

Meghan Kenny introduced me to Meg Fofonoff, the head of the Fiddlehead Theatre. They were getting ready to put on Ragtime at the historic Strand theater, in the heart of Dorchester. They needed to create iconic, semi stylized character portraits of the characters’ relationships. There was no set yet, so we couldn’t play off of the stage pieces.

I dove into the research, reading the play (or re reading it, if my mother is any judge) and looking at what had been generated for previous productions. I also went through my slush file of images that I have marked for future inspirations.

We scripted out a day long shoot in the studio and prepped a list of costume, hair and make up needs and other little details that can keep you in the picture or throw it all right out. The cast and crew arrived bright and early and we shot through the script with only one slight hicup. Julia, playing Little Girl, needed more dirt. If that is the worst that comes up during a shoot, it’s an usually smooth day!

The real challenge with this type of shoot is that it often happens so early in the rehearsal process that some characters may not be fully defined yet. However, this cast was full of seasoned professionals and they brought their considerable talents to the table.

Working with their public relations person, Joanne Barrett, the images were used to garner attention in Broadway Across America, the WGBH digital billboard here in Boston and in several other news and arts venues.

And, the show was fantastic!


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