FoTB Artist Reception, Jan 27, 3-5pm, RSVP

For Immediate Release:

Matt McKee’s stunning, zen like, sepia toned series of studio photographs of objects that were “Found on the Beach” are now on display at the Boston restaurant 29 Newbury.  Each limited edition print is an inspiring meditation on light, shape and texture.

The show opens January 9th and runs through mid February, with the Artists Reception, sponsored by Canvas Fine Arts, on January 27th, 3-5 pm. RSVP on Facebook.

29 Newbury’s ( tranquil dining room, serving contemporary cuisine and located in the gallery section of Boston’s Newbury Street shopping district, is the ideal location to eat, enjoy, relax and contemplating Found on the Beach.

Excerpt from the Artists Statement:

“I feel some guilt, picking up the piece of shell and putting it in my pocket. I know I have interrupted a pattern. I have changed its destiny to make it a star in my own small dramas. It was meant to be part of the beach, another grain of sand that will rub up against the next rock or shell, replacing itself as it gets smaller.

Maybe, one day, I will plan a visit to the beach in reverse. I will go to my shelves and drawers, fill my pockets with stones and bits, and scatter them into the incoming tide.”

Stone Triptych, Found On The Beach

Stone Trinity, Found On The Beach

Spiral #3, Found On The Beach

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