AIDA, The Poster Photoshoot

Creating photographs to market a musical theatre production, like Fiddlehead Theatre Company’s production of Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida at Boston’s historic Strand Theatre, means creating content that can be leveraged and used in a wide variety of ways. After all, there are only so many times you can pull your actors into the photo studio or off of the stage to get the kinds of images that can be placed in web banners and ads.

So, plan ahead and get the images you need to market your next production!

Christiana Rodi (AMNERIS), Gene Dante (RADAMES) and Ta’Nika Gibson (AIDA)

Gene Dante as Radames, Ta'Nika Gibson as AIDA

Ta'Nika Gibson as AIDA Christiana Rodi as AMNERIS Ta'Nika Gibson as AIDA mckee_20140620_0532Web Gene Dante as Radames

AIDA-Wicked-Local-1022x350 AIDA-Globe-Ticket-Blast

Behind the scenes at the Aida poster shoot


 Artsy Fartsy Shoes Tanika in the makeup chair Gene gets some work done        Consulting... Christiana on set Yes, you, Gene. Stacey adjusts the costume Working the camera! Aaaand, we got it!


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