Fall Photography Intern: Prince Aibangbe

Hi, My name is Prince Aibangbe. I’m currently a student participating in a dual BFA program at the School of the Museum of fine arts (SMFA) and Tufts University. I study philosophy and English at Tufts, and at the SMFA I do film production and photography. The reason I chose to be an intern at Matt McKee Photography is to get a better understand of the commercial and marketing aspect of being a creative producer and content maker.

Outside of school I like directing short films, shooting music videos, and writing screenplays. I like to think that I have a full time creative staff that resides in my mind that collaborates on ideas and other interesting concepts. I call the group JK-Snoddy, which is the tag name I put on all of my work. Since I started college I’ve produced 2 music videos, 1½ short films, and written numerous screenplays.

My goal in life is to work in the entertainment industry as a director/writer for film and television. To do both is my dream goal, but landing in either one would be great. In this day and age technology has blurred the lines between the two industries, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

In my spare time I like reading, watching movies, and walking around the city taking black and white photos.

You can check out my portfolio blog here

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