Mr Marmalade Poster Still Life Photoshoot

Mr MarmaladeMr Marmalade, by Noah Haidle, is a rather odd, twisted play about a 4 year old and her imaginary friends, powered by a rather twisted imagination. Actually, the comedy is even more surreal than that, touching into all kinds of nightmares that, with quick witted tongue in cheek dialogue, explore perceptions of an adult world’s impact on young minds. The tricky part was concepting and shooting a poster that would embrace the general feel of the play without offending the very people we wanted to reach.

Poster Photoshoot Concepting

The poster concepts were ripped directly from the script and started even more surreal. We had originally looked into the placement of a dildo in the frame (from the script!) but ultimately decided that it would get the poster banned from being placed around in general public and in the various work places.

Director Bill Doscher is putting this play together as part of The Footlight Club’s 7A Series downstairs at the club. We had last collaborated on his production of RENT a couple of years ago. Sandi McDonald is producing.

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