October Sweet Shrapnel Deal

From the Sweet Shrapnel CollectionIn honor of October, the ultimate gourd month, we thought we would put together a nice little collection of Sweet Shrapnel pieces. These three have the perfect seasonal attitude for the kitchen, studio, office, or wherever you would like to declare your inner apprehensions.

Boned!, Pukin’ Punkin!, and Gored! are limited edition pieces on aluminum from the Sweet Shrapnel Collection and are ready to hang! Each 5×7 is limited to 100 hand signed prints.

Sweet Shrapnel is an exploration of my apprehension of our abilities to mess with nature. We have so much potential to change the world, for better or ill. And, we have done so much that has been beneficial. But, our best intentions have also gone horribly off course. What will humanity’s next move be? And, when the dust settles, will it be for good or ill?


Order before November 1, 2014.

Sweet Shrapnel October Print Deal

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Select 3 or more 5x7 Sweet Shrapnel pieces.
Ah, Lone Pear!Au Pear, Ah Doxy!Aw Fishsticks!Banana Splat!Bloody Passion!Boned!Cherry Bomb!Egg You On!Ginger Snaps!Goo Dai!Gored!Guacamole!Hearty Choke!Here Be Dragons!Kernal Panic!Kvetch Up!Lemon Delight!Cukageddon!Red Hot Love!Orange You Glad!Own Yown!Peppah Spray!Punkin' Punkin!Ready, Pop!Shroom Cloud!

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