The Spring Intership Hunt Begins!

Ragtime behind the scenes

Photography Internship, Video Internship, Marketing Internship

We are looking for one or two talented, driven individuals who are interested in working in a full time photo studio. The spring semester is almost upon us and we need to start interviewing potential candidates now.

Interning in the Business of Creativity

Students will work side by side, and hands on, with the photographer on a wide variety of projects, ranging from products and portraits to video to marketing. Each internship is customized to meet the needs of the school’s internship credits and the student’s personal goals.

Questions and conversations are encouraged!

Who Should Apply to the Internship?

We are primarily looking for 3rd and 4th year students in the marketing, communications, photo and video curriculums.  However, the right applicant is the right applicant. If you are a business major who is interested in how a creative business is run, you should apply.

What Skills Do I Need to be an Intern?

Interested students should be organized, creative, outgoing, and willing to be challenged. Self-starters do great here. Some knowledge of cameras, photoshop, final cut pro x, blogging software etc is helpful. A portfolio is helpful but not required.

How Does the Studio Internship Work?

That’s the fun part! We customize the internship to meet your needs. You need to be a student and have a willingness to take on projects and challenges. We will talk over your personal goals and what your school requires and figure out how to make it all happen.

How do I Apply for Interning in The Photo Studio?

Fill out the Student Intern Application and let’s begin!


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