Sweet Shrapnel at Wicked, Framingham, MA

wicked invitation

Wicked: (adv) New England slang that adds emphasis. Very, extremely cool, great; excellent.

You have been invited to a WICKED cool reception, at a WICKED awesome art gallery, in a WICKED old factory building, in a WICKED New England town called Framingham.

Reception on Saturday, February 8, 2014, 5 –7pm for the juried show, Wicked, at Fountain Street Fine Art, 59 Fountain Street, Framingham MA 01702

The show was juried by Hope Turner and Zola Solamente of Arden Gallery, located on Newbury Street in Boston.

Fountain Street Fine Art is a very cool gallery, located in large, welcoming gallery on the ground floor of the century-old factory in Framingham. Their exhibits are mostly contemporary work by emerging and mid-career artists that is skillfully executed, exciting and new, with a strong regional focus.

This is the second show I have been in with them and they always put on a heck of an event.

Other artists in this show include Sarah Alexander, Scout Austin, Annie Campbell, Rachel Carlson, Warren Croce, Tanya Fletcher, Corinne Fryhle, Viktor Genel, Ray Genereux, Conrad Guertin, Elizabeth Harris, Bob Hesse, J.B. Jones, Tamara Krendel, C.J. Lori, Hanna Melnyczuk, Iris Osterman, Roy Perkinson, Stacey Piwinski, Beverly Rippel, Julie Russell, Rebecca Skinner, Britton Snyder, Lesia Sochor, Deborah Stanton, Rachel Thern, Elise Wagner, Anne Sargent Walker and James Woodside.


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