Dale – Dark Portrait Photo Session

Dale - The Dark Portrait Sessions

Our new friend, Dale, stopped by the studio the other day to help us out on a test shoot for a liquor company (hence the vodka shot glass below). While she was here, we explored a couple of other scenarios and some of the myriad props we have laying around the studio. The pistol? It’s a replica LeMat revolver.

Pure Vodka. Toast Your Taste.

Cheers! All you liquor brands targeting the alt crowd: Wouldn’t this make a nice ad for your next point of purchase display poster?

Emotional Portrait Session

Dale is a tattoo artist based in the Providence area, as well as a wonderful model.

Dark Portrait, the Mystery of Woman

The Dark Portrait series is a portrait session that tapes into the dark side of the psyche, using cinematic lighting styles and abstract background effects. A Dark Portrait is that moment right before or right after something has happened. What happened, you ask? That, as they say, is between the photographer and the sitter. You will just have to schedule your own session to find out!


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