World Premiere Poster for i don’t know where we’re going but i promise we’re lost

Boston Teen Acting Troupe’s production of i don’t know where we’re going but i promise we’re lost

“On one level this is a play about escaping transphobia. On a deeper level this is like some of my other family plays-it tells a story about young people combatting the demons they inherit during their adolescence. These three brothers, in their own ways, learn to become men.”
— MJ Halberstadt

Yes, the title is a bit longer than most. But the play is also a bit different in other ways, hitting multiple hot button topics, such as abuse, gender transition, and what it means to be a man today. The Boston Teen Acting Troupe is, as always, putting together a thoughtful and thought provoking production. We could do no less with their poster graphics.

btat IDK btsAfter exploring a few concepts, we gathered up some gear and went out on location on the old Dedham townline road with the talented Alec Shiman. Alec was last in the studio for our Ragtime photoshoot.

Often, shooting on location for what will ultimately be a stage show can have lots of traps that can hurt the marketing. However, in this case, the fuzzy focus effect helped keep the photo conceptual rather than a portrait. And, it helped to reinforce the concept of the quest that the characters will be on.

The play, written by Boston playwright MJ Halberstadt, is having it’s world premiere on the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre stage.  This is definitely a must see play this summer!

From the press release: Local playwright MJ Halberstadt’s i don’t know where we’re going but i promise we’re lost is a brash new play about family, starting over, and growing up. When 19-year-old Devon Fleeter and his younger brothers flee from their parents, who have been punishing the boys’ allegiance to middle child Joshua’s gender transition, they find sanctuary in an off-the-grid apartment far from home. They find that safety is not without its own challenges, and confront the growing pains that come with learning what it means to be a man.

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